We Bring

S - Speedy service
P - Perfection in execution
A - Attitude to understand your needs and issues
R - Responsiveness which is timely
K - HR Knowledge


We Provide

1. Recruitmentg
2. Contract Staffing / Outsourcing
3. HR Policy Design / HR Investigations
4. HR Auditing / Process Design
5. Training
6. Employee Relations Support
7. Background Verification Support


Recruitment and Staffing / Mass hiring / Campus hiring support

Recruitment Services has been the foundation of Experto HR’s leadership position in the Industry. With an extensive database of resumes at all levels, a well-trained team of professionals and our appropriate insights into the people dynamics, we have been working on various talent search requirements. With a thorough understanding of the strategic, financial and operational issues our clients face.

Selecting a right candidate is about understanding your requirement, understanding the Industry / practices, being aware of trend changes and keenly judging the validity of a claim by a candidate. This is exactly the reason for us to have a team of domain specialists who understand your vertical, your industry better.

We assist you to validate your hiring requirement in terms of skill sets, competency, industry background, compensation and the right source segments. Our team ensures that your selection time is virtually reduced in half. We also assure a great reduction in terms of your effort and monies spent on interviewing, scheduling and shortlisting.

Process we follow
  • Study your requirement (job spec,profile,culture fit, etc)
  • Source /Head hunt/Network /Map and track the right candidate
  • Match the profile with preliminary interviews
  • Find our client’s interests and coordinate / organize interviews with the client
  • If selected conduct reference checks on the candidates (on specific request)
  • Follow up on candidates joining..

We also support in Bulk hiring/mass recruitment/Campus hiring support for organizations.

Contract Staffing / Outsourcing

We undertake to manage HR and staffing for your organization and relieve you from day to day complications involved in staffing and statutory requirements.

You experience the performance and contribution of deputed employee while enjoying the flexibility and freedom to focus on your core business.

The staff deputed will be in Experto HR’s rolls assuring them the dignity of a regular employee.

It brings in the advantage of faster mobilization and demobilization of staff requirement and it also has the flexibility of absorbing tested staff in your company rolls on a permanent basis. Managing the back end process like payroll/leave/ESI/PF becomes Experto’s responsibility.

We being from the HR fraternity have the knowledge and expertise to manage your requirement better.

HR Policy Design / HR Investigations

We would assist you in formulating HR Policies & Processes in line with the current practices and based on our past experiences in designing such policies for large organizations.

We conduct investigations on employee issues and disciplinary cases and provide an investigation report along with suggestions.

HR Auditing / Process Design

We help in setting up HR process /process maps and provide an audit framework for organizations to test the health of the HR process periodically.


Right selection of manpower is not an end to your organizational excellence, constant up-gradation of skills will give you the edge and pave the way for better utilization of manpower.

We ensure that knowledge and skills are transferred and utilized in the workplace through time tested training methods.

We customize the following programs to suit your needs based on the study we conduct in your organizations.

  • Customer relations
  • Team building
  • Leadership skills
  • Managerial effectiveness
  • Supervisory development
  • Performance management
  • Counselling skills for managers
  • Effective communication skills

Employee Relations support &. General HR support

We provide support and advise on Employee relations situations and would study and make suggestion for sorting out such stalemates on an ongoing basis.

  • * HR Leadership Support - Provide interim support as the HR Head for an organization on a monthly retainer basis, as a part of the assignment to help companies.
  • * Review your recruitment practices and explore options to attract good quality talent in the most optimum manner.
  • * Redefine the Performance Management (PMS) process to ensure the right measurement metrics are in place and the appraisal process is conducted objectively.
  • * Review the HR policies & the compensation process.
  • * Study the Organization structure and design, make suitable recommendations.
  • * Lead Cost optimization projects in HR and Admin related areas.
  • * Review the training road map of the company and conduct a training need analysis and make suitable recommendations to improve the quality of people for future readiness.

Background verification support

We offer to conduct background verifications on new entrants / joinees.

Educational qualification and professional Experience will be thoroughly checked as per set process designed for the purpose in consultation with the client. While doing it we will ensure that the information obtained is authentic and accurate.